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A client's room before                                                  After a "Style on a shoestring"'''


An example of our work


The client kept the carpet, bed, bedding, bedside tables and lights.  The pine furniture was transformed

by being painted a toning colour. New new wallpaper, paint, curtains and a rug.

The bed was moved to a different wall and screened by a voile curtain, the main lights were replaced

by interesting glass reflective shades, the cushions were made from fabric used in the new curtains

and a new cover was made for the chair in a pretty matching fabric

A New Hallway


Before and After

that's creating a style on a shoestring!

















Create a style from a picture

I can also help you create a style you have seen in a picture or magazine, there are usually good alternatives to designer items to be found on a sensible budget.


From the picture above we have found a sofa for

only £549, coffee table, wool throw and cushion all

available on the High Street.

Get the look throw, with style on a shoestring
get the look cushion for interior design
get the look table interior design
Get the look sofa style on a shoestring
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