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Questions often asked


I have no idea what to do with my room can you help?

When we visit you for the first time we bring examples of many different styles and colours. You will be surprised how easily you can distinguish which ideas you like and which you don’t.  With this information we can make suggestions which we are sure you will like.


I have strong ideas about how I want things to look.  Will you try to make me change my mind?

We may suggest other alternatives and explain why they could work too but ultimately the decision is yours.  We will understand your likes and dislikes and try to find things to fit in with them.


I have found a picture in a magazine, could my room really look like this?

We can discuss how that idea can be translated into a scheme for YOU, maybe not exactly the same but we are able to mix and match most things to give the effect you really want. 


Will you be able to show me different styles of furniture?

We have lots of brochures and suggestions of all kinds of furniture, lighting, fabrics and wallpapers and of course paint colours, to suit every style whether traditional or modern, bright or pastel.

ALL are available at reasonable prices either in high street shops or on line from reliable suppliers we have used before.


Isn't hiring an interior designer really expensive?

Absolutely not.  In fact we can save you money by preventing expensive mistakes and by sourcing items that are excellent value for money.  The whole concept of "Style on a shoestring" is sensible prices not designer prices.  We do suggest some items which are more unusual often from a website but even if it is a more expensive wallpaper for example it will only be for one wall,to make a statement.


Any other questions please contact us






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